Who we are and how we serve you



Who we are and how
we serve​ you

The team that serves clients today has more than 35 years experience between them and has worked together to deliver great results for clients for over 10 years.

Our approach is different to other firms in that we are solely there to support the director or small business owner.

Our aim is to try and ensure businesses stay healthy and avoid insolvency, by doing regular health and compliance checks and intervening early if things are going off the rails. 

Portrait photo of Cheryl Stainsby

Cheryl Stainsby - Director

Cheryl has been an owner and director of her own family businesses for 27 years.

She has seen insolvency from both sides of the fence and is positioned to support both the clients who need guidance to ensure they avoid insolvency, and business owners who find they are unable to trade out of insolvency.

For those who are unable to trade out insolvency, Cheryl is a trustworthy advisor providing guidance to ensure the right people are engaged, thus helping them navigate the minefield of insolvency.

Angela - Client Account Manager


Angela has been working with Cheryl as a Client Account Manager since early 2018.

Angela’s passion is implementing the ‘Needs and Objectives’ agreed in the initial consultation process with Cheryl.

She has dedicated herself to learning and performing at a fast pace to be sure of meeting deadlines.

Away from her work, Angela finds joy in spending plenty of quality time with family.



More than 25 years in the Insolvency industry has given Vicky her in-depth understanding of Corporate and Bankruptcy administrations. She has worked with prominent insolvency accounting firms in Brisbane.

Vicky brings specialised knowledge in the following types of insolvency appointments:

  • Court Liquidations
  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidations
  • Voluntary Administrations
  • Deed of Company Arrangements
  • Receiverships
  • Debtor’s Petitions
  • Sequestration Orders
  • Annulments
  • Investigations involving voidable transactions including preferential payments, insolvent trading and uncommercial transaction

Vicky’s competencies include working with all insolvency bodies: Liquidators/Trustees, ASIC, AFSA, ATO, Creditors, Debt Collectors and Directors. She understands the agenda of all party’s involved allowing her to negotiate the best possible outcome for her clients.


  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Laws


  • Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)

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